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Suggestions of the chef

Suggestions of the Chef (from 5/9/17)


Fried breaded garlic mushrooms with a creamy garlic dip     12,9

Marinated anchovies with grilles meditarranean vegetables on a herb toast with spicy hummus     13,9

main course

Simmental ribeye with blue cheese sauce, baked potatoes and mixed salad     27,6

Pan fried sea bass fillet on a pea&herb risotto and

a parmesan cream     25,6

waterzooi / chicken / local speciality     18,6


Coupe “Julie” with fresh strawberries

and fruit coulis     8,7

caramelized pineapple in an

exotic fruit soup and vanilla ice-cream     8,7

aperitief of the month : Sir Anthony Van Dyck     7   

a perfect combination of cointrea and martini

If you have allergies , do not hesitate and let us know ………
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