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Suggestions of the chef

Suggestions of the Chef 

Selection of wild pâtes with brioche & red onion confit     15,4

Warm pheasant ballotine with chestnut&duxelle     16,7


Pan fried filet of hare with puree of beetroot,

Potato croquettes, rich and creamy wild jus     28,3

filet of venison with roast root vegetables,

almond croquettes & cranberies wild jus     27,6

wild boar pie “en croûte” served with creamy puree

and Brussel sprouts with bacon     25,7

waterzooi / chicken / local speciality     18,6


forest berry crumble with brandy cream and vanille-ice     8,7

caramelized speculos bread&butter pudding

with chocolat ice-cream     8,7

Through the action Dine with a heart, "Du Progres" restaurant shows solidarity with socially vulnerable youth in Flanders.
Part of the profit from all our 'suggestions from the chef', we donate to the organization Dine with a Heart for Children.
Because the young people are the people of tomorrow!
More information about this project can be found at

Till the 15th of November

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